Olaf Krumpfer

Prof. Olaf Krumpfer, born in 1961 in Berlin, Germany, has made his mark for his generation as being an incredibly talented musician. Being taught primarily by his father at the age of 11 years, he entered a competition with other young artists, and received his first honorable recognition. When 13 years old, he made his debut as a solo trombonist. While studying at the Spezialschule fuer Musik in Berlin, he was also studying at the Berlin Hochschule fuer Musik “Hans Eisler”. In 1983 he completed his state exams, after which he received the official title as a solo trombonist.
He began with small parts as solo trombonist in the orchestra corps, and later progressed to more difficult parts within the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester of Berlin. He completed his studies with Professor Johann Doms from 1989 until 1992. Afterward in 1992, he was employed by the Dresdner Philharmonie as a solo trombonist.
He was a participant in many renowned competitions from which he received his much acclaim for his extraordinary musical talent. One of which was the international radio competition called: Concertino Prage in 1975. In 1991, he won 1st place at the international brass player competition in Passau, Germany with the Berlin Trombone Ensemble. (He started this group in 1986, and continues to lead it.) It is while working within this ensemble that his talents flourished. He is recognized by music critics in his abilities to interpret, his beautiful musicality, his technical skills, as well his performance qualities. In 2004, he was appointed as virtuoso of chamber music.
His public appearances are not only as solo trombonist, but also as member of different chamber ensembles. He works with the Berlin Trombone Ensemble; The Philharmonic Brass of Dresden; The Brass Player Ensemble Professor Ludwig Guettler; and The Courtois Trombone Quartet of Dresden. This can be verified by the many recordings on TV, radio, and records.
While being engaged as a member of orchestras and working as a soloist, Professor Krumpfer has had the opportunity to work with many well known conductors. Z. Metha, D. Barenboim, J. Temirkanov, Frühbeck de Borgos, Kurt Masur and many others, are just a few that can be named.
Since 1990, Professor Olaf Krumpfer is intensifying his teaching on the trombone. Most importantly at the Musikschule „Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin. And since 1999, at the Hochschule fuer Musik „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden. Many of his students have won honors at national and international competitions. They are now employed at orchestras.
In 2004, Olaf Krumpfer was awarded the title of a professorship for his educational success. Since then, his teaching and jury activities for in Germany, in the US, Japan and in France have increased.
In 2008 he has been appointed to a chair at the Hochschule für Musik „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden.

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