Trombone Quartet "Four in Hand"

In 1986, the trombone quartet, Four in Hand, was founded by Arthur Frenzel. The four musicians are employed at different orchestras in Berlin and Dresden. Although they freelance with other venues, when performing and working together, they are able to create a sense of unity. Their education and experience lends basis for their musical talents. Olaf Krumpfer is an alto and tenor trombonist. He has had a fulltime professorshipsince 2007, at the University/ Hochschule fur Musik Carl Maria von Weber of Dresden. Formerly, he was a solo trombonist with the Dresden Philharmonie. Frank von Nooy is a bass-trombonist. He is presently employed as a solo-trombonist at the Dresden State Orchestra. He studied with Harald Winkler, of the Berlin RadioSymphony Orchestra, and at the Hochschule fur Musik Hans Eisler of Berlin.
In 2010 Nicolas Naudot and Christoph Schnaitmann joined the quartet. Nicolas Naudot is an alto-tenor trombonist. Since 2008, he has been a solo trombonist with the Dresden State Orchestra. Christoph Schnaitmann is a tenor trombonist. He works as a substitute occasionally at the Dresden State Orchestra. He has studied under Professor Olaf Krumpfer at the HfM of Dresden. The piece, Four in Hand, composed for four trombones by Frigyes Hidas, will be performed at Hitzacker, during the week of music. It is the namesake of the quartet. The repertory of the quartet reaches from works of the baroque age, partly performed on historical trombones, to contemporary music. The necessary adaptations are made by members of the quartet. In 1991 the Trombone Quartet won the first price at the brass player competition in Passau.
Four in Hand's 25th anniversary will be celebrated in 2011 during the week of music at Hitzacker. They will perform concerts at the renowned Dresden Frauenkirche with Georg Zeppenfeld, and at the IPV-Symposium in Dresden.

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